Introducing Contextual Targeting for Enhanced Advertising Precision

Piano’s contextual targeting is created by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing and data analysis to drive innovation. It enables DMP clients to target and convert customers based on the content of a webpage in real-time. Moreover, it enables publishers to categorized their content manually or automatic generation with DMP’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) capability. Piano DMP also conducted semantic analysis for publishers to ensure the accuracy of the keywords and the most relevant ads are shown to the readers at the right time. All these are designed to help publishers get the highest revenue from their ad spaces.

In this Piano Lesson, you will:
  • Understand why contextual targeting is becoming more important and how it has evolved
  • Get a full overview of how contextual targeting works in Piano DMP
  • Know what sets Piano’s contextual targeting apart in the market 
  • Be ready to start driving ad revenue growth using this latest feature