How to Win the Post-Third-Party Future

A generation after the dawn of the Information Revolution, the original cookie — in its time a useful tool to help identify users and allow them to pick back up where they left off in research, shopping or consuming content — has been deemed untenable. The problem has less to do with the technology and more to do with what marketers may do with the collected information. With very real threats on privacy like identity theft, location tracking and malware, it’s time for a bold step forward.

We partnered with Ad Age to look at how publishers are preparing for this step in the whitepaper How to Win the Post-Third-Party Future. In it, you will find practical tips you can adopt immediately to transition away from third-party cookies — and make no mistake, even with Google’s announced two-year delay, the time to prepare is still now — how to better leverage first-party data and lessons learned from public media. We hope you find it a useful guide as you continue to assess the right technology, partnerships and strategy in the lead-up to third-party cookie deprecation.

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